The Donson Machine Founder

Pictured Left to Right: Jim, Don and Joe Bettinardi

Donson Machine Co. was started in 1978 by Donald J. Bettinardi (1932-2005).

Don was born in Chicago, and at a very early age he was sent to an orphanage with his sister.

After graduating from Pullman Tech HS (Chicago) in 1950, he tried many jobs until he became an apprentice machinist (Ingersoll Steel Co.).

He eventually received a great opportunity to join Argonne National Laboratory as a machinist (Argonne is a well-known science and engineering research center located in Lemont, IL).

Don was known to be mechanically inclined and had the ability to sell.

He was known his whole life as a very positive person and never saw the negatives in any person he met.

While working 1st shift at Argonne National Lab, he also delivered pizzas at night.

Don and his wife Eveleen had 6 children (4 boys and 2 girls).

Don loved to coach his sons in football and loved playing golf with his family and friends.

Joe and Jim the youngest two sons purchased the company in 2005 from the family.

Joe and Jim also founded a new company called Betts Precision (2019).

This new company will also specialize in Precision Machining.